Quelle yelp, 5 Sterne: „After visiting three other ENT doctors (one in Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles in 2005, one at the Hanusch-Hospital in Vienna in 2009 and another Charite Professor in Berlin in 2013) for my chronic dependence on nasal spray (15 years plus), I finally discovered Dr. Kazak. As my condition had worsened since my initial treatment with a corticosteroid nasal spray, recommended by the doctor in L.A., I sought operative treatment for reduction of my hypertrophied nasal membranes. The Viennese and the other Berliner doctor suggested classic surgery, under full anesthesia with approx. 2 weeks of recovery time (off work) afterwards. As this seemed too painful of an alternative of just keep spraying nasal spray, I was reluctant to take the risk. Then a friend of mine recommended Dr. Kazak, who employs latest laser technology, which reduces significantly the risk to the patient, the complexity of the procedure, the pain and post-op suffering of the patient, and provides the same effect.Even though Dr. Kazak is apparently quite popular and busy, as his waiting room is always bursting at the seams, he seemed to have taken more time to examine me and diagnose my condition than all of the other doctors I went to put together. I was expecting the usual 2 second glimpse inside my nose and then the shaking of the head and uttering yes, you’re gonna need surgery experience, but Dr. Kazak actually took his time to examine my condition in detail by spraying a blood-vessel contracting spray in my nose and then, after it had started working, evaluating the possible effect of the laser procedure. Two weeks later I had the laser septoplasty and, despite my anxiety, it couldn’t have gone smoother. The actual procedure took about 5 minutes, the local anesthetic was in the form of two tampons soaked with novocaine, which gave me the numbness in my nose and upper jaw, similar to what you experience at the dentist. I didn’t feel any pain, nor was there any bleeding during the procedure. I was prescribed a nasal oil to keep the membranes moist, and a nasal gel to relieve possible congestion.
The recovery was also great, I didn’t have any bleeding from the nose, whatsoever, despite me returning to my usual daily routine just a couple of days after, including intense workouts at the gym. My condition has improved dramatically and for the first time in ages I can sleep an entire night through, without waking up numerous times, reaching for the nasal spray. The follow-up visit with Dr. Kazak today confirmed my improvement, with the final evaluation to be made in about 6 weeks.
All in all Dr. Kazak gives the impression of a very knowledgeable professional, who seems to be concerned primarily about the benefit to the patient and not about what procedure would benefit him more financially. His approach is very professional, yet kind and caring. Last, but not least, the total experience in his clinic, supported by his helpful and professional staff, as well as the modern and relaxing environment, complete the justification for the highest possible rating of recommendation I could give.